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We like Winn. That makes us Winnners

Winn Prompt Meme!

Winn Prompt Meme!

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Winn - touch this
Welcome to the Will/Finn Prompt Meme!

Feel free to post any fic prompt you may have, as specific or non specific as possible. Feel free to make it kinky - whatever prompt you can think of is allowed.

You can post as many prompts as you'd like, but only one prompt per comment.

No seconding prompts. The only things that should be in the comments to this entry are prompts and fills.

When responding to a prompt, do so in a reply to the comment. But feel free to say, post the actual prompt fill in this fair community, and put a link to it in the comment.

Multiple fills to the same prompt are allowed, but don't go overboard. Let's limit it to say, three.

Let this be your inspiration...

  • After the events of Theatricality, Finn doesn't feel like there's anyone he can talk to. Because seriously, he isn't a bad person, he was just having a bad day! And now Kurt, Burt, and his mom are all upset with him, and don't get him started on Puck and Quinn who he's still not cool with. He needs someone to talk to who won't be mad at him. Enter Will.
    • Hmmm, i think i may have to take this as the basis for my story for the Glee Big Bang
  • (Anonymous)
    I'd like to see Will making breakfast (morning after breakfast) wearing Finn's shirt, maybe nothing but Finn's shirt. Please and Thank you!Table sex would be nice, with Finn on top.
  • (Anonymous)
    "Seriously Mr. Schue, whoever made that list is not gonna come forward. We might as well just bend over and take whatevers coming."
    There needs to be a Will/Finn spanking fic based on this.
  • (Anonymous)

    *knows she's going to hell for asking for this*


    That's right I would very much like Finn to be calling Will daddy in bed and Will to not freak out and go with it.

    *walks off quietly to pack her things for her trip to hell*
  • (Anonymous)

    But Will's the one with the kink. And Finn's the one who gets to be Daddy. He is bigger, after all. And Will likes to feel all safe and protected and such.
  • Someone (Sue?) finds out about Will/Finn and tells Figgins, and 'accidentally' lets it slip in front of her cheerios to hurt Will. Must have:
    *Will gets fired/arrested (Finn is only 15/16)
    *Finn becomes a laughing stock at school
    *Carole and Burt go to Will's and tear him a new one
    *Distraught and angry Kurt

    They keep seeing each other, but all of this threatens to tear their relationship apart.

    Happy ending or not is your call :)
  • Finn/Will Car Sex

    Because of the mailman incident, Finn is very much car-phobic. Will's making extra bucks as the driver's ed instructor (divorcing a lying psycho hosebeast is expensive) and he helps Finn get over his hangup.

    They then celebrate by climbing into the backseat and Will helps him overcome his other 'mailman problem.'
  • Finn/Will Birthday

    Finn over at Will's place on his 18th birthday. The second the clock strikes midnight and he's offically legal, they pounce on each other.

    Bonus for playful arguing over someone's watch being fast and post coital birthday cake.
  • (Anonymous)
    There's been this unspoken 'thing' between Finn and Mr. Schue since the whole staring at him as he sings in the shower incident, but Will being a good guy refused to cross the line as long as Finn was his student.

    On graduation day---as in almost immediately after the ceremony, Finn still in his grad robe---Will gets manhandled by his now former student. They go at it in the choir room where it all started.
    • FILL: Harder, Better, Faster, Schuester (1/?)

      Finn was filled with emotions, too many to count, as he looked down at the diploma in his hands; this is it. This is it. It's the end of his days at McKinley. It's the end of jersey number five and locker eighty-one. It's the end of homerooms and bells and Principal Figgins. Finn was losing a lot today, a lot that he hadn't even thought he'd miss. But he was going to gain something, too. Something he'd been waiting for for a painfully long time. Because there was one thing that had yet to begin.

      "Mr.Schue?" Finn pulled his graduation robe up over his head as he walked into the choir room, feeling a sad sense of nostalgia hit him already. How could he miss something that hadn't even gone missing yet? The teacher was sitting on the chair risers, elbows on his knees, chin in his hands, and Finn was pretty sure he'd never seen him look more lost or lonely.

      "Finn." Will said the word with reverance and awe, and it made Finn remember what exactly he'd come to do. "Congratulations." Will motioned to a spot beside him, and Finn dropped down into it.

      "Thanks, Will." It was the first time Finn had ever used his first name, and he'd sort of half expected to be asked not to. But it didn't happen. And that was good. Finn shifted closer to Will, making sure the movement was noticeable, but not desperate.

      "I'm really gonna miss you, you know." Will's voice was low, as if he shouldn't be saying the words out loud. They were innocent, completely harmless, but Finn had a feeling there was more to them.

      "This doesn't have to be goodbye, Will." Finn took a deep breath after saying the words, letting the reality of the situation sink in for the first time. Will turned his head, looking directly into Finn's eyes. There it was. It was that moment, that feeling that was never there with Quinn. It was never there with Rachel, and he knew that only Will could do this to him. "I'm... I'm not your student anymore, you know." Finn let the words hang between them for a moment. "I'm not a student at all, right now." He gestured to the balled up robe that he'd dropped beside him.
  • Kurt Finds Out

    Kurt finally figures out that it isn't a matter of Finn not being gay.

    It's just that he's not Finn's type.

    Initially bitchy and bitter (and pissed as all hell that Finn didn't tell him sooner and allowed him to twist in the I'mcrushingonastraightboy wind) but grudgingly supportive.
    • FILLED!

  • Will appendicitis

    Established relationship.

    Will's appendix bursts during a glee practice. All of the gleekers come to visit him in the hospital with a huge get well card they all signed.

    Will's high as a freaking kite on painkillers at the time and Finn has to explain why Mr. Schue is so handsy with him and keeps calling him 'sweetheart.'

    Bonus for Finn angst that he can't comfort his boyfriend. Maybe he sneaks in after visiting hours?
  • Will comes down for the weekend to visit Finn at college. Finn is ridiculously excited showing Will around and they getting to do coupley things. Holding hands and other general PDAs, introducing Will as his boyfriend, singing to Will during a performance by the college acappella group he's in (with all the girls in the audience being all aaaaaawwww!)

    Bonus if Finn and Will sexile Finn's roommate. Double bonus if it's Kurt and he's all 'Yes, I'm thrilled you're gay, but did you have to be gay with our former teacher all over the place I live in?"
  • Hummel/Hudson Family Dinner

    Established relationship.

    Will is invited over for dinner for the first time to meet the folks (clearly by this point Finn's all nice and legal and Burt and Carole have been married/dating awhile.)

    Carole's friendly and polite and supportive and after dinner over a delicious plate of warm pie ala mode she cheerfully informs Will that if he breaks her boy's heart, she's going to have Burt cut the breaks to his car.
  • The inevitable genderbender prompt

    Fiona Hudson's been doing her best to blend in ever since sixth grade when she was suddenly taller than every boy in her class.

    And now Mr. Schue wants her to sing. In front of people. And dance--somehow without tripping to death on her freakishly long legs.

    It scares her. To say nothing of the fact that every time Mr. Schue looks at her, she feels like she's got a whole herd of butterflies in her stomach.
  • (Anonymous)
    Will and Finn running into Emma at the grocery store.

    Will doing his best to make sure she doesn't spot the condoms and lube in the basket, and Emma pretending she doesn't notice.
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