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We like Winn. That makes us Winnners

Winnners - for the Will/Finn lovers
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Will/Finn Glee fic

For all the fans of the Will/Finn (Winn) pairing on the new Fox show Glee!
(note: anything related to Cory Monteith or Matt Morrison is also welcome)

General disclaimer: This community claims no ownership of the characters Will Shuester, Finn Hudson, the show Glee, or any other related entities. Everything posted here is the property of the respective person who posted it.

Rules for Tagging
(by hopenight)

Rule 1: Please, PLEASE TAG ALL YOUR POSTS. Or else I'll hunt you down and get you like the wrath of a supreme deity or whatever.

Rule 2: The tags are divded as follows: !, contributions/contributors, fanworks, rating, and show.

a) !: this tag refers to discussions, mod posts, help, any challenges (in either this community or the Glee community as a whole), and the winn prompt meme. Please use where appropriate.

b) contributions/contributors: Alright folks! Here's how this goes. You post here three times, then you get your own tag. The first time you post, you use the contribution: first post. You use the contribution: second post the second time you do it. When you use the third post tag, then I will give you your own contributor tag which will feature your first three contributions to the community and that you will use for each following post you do. Easy enough right?

c) fanworks: this should be self explanatory. You post something, then you find the suitable fanworks tag. If it doesn't exist just drop me a PM or place a note to the mods in your post. I will get around to adding the appropriate fanwork tag.

d) ratings: rate your work please? Or else hand of God people. I kid you not. Hand. Of. God.

e) show: any hint of a Winn moment on the show be it pictures, interviews with the actors, videos, etc, etc. Go under these series of tags. So that we may squee over.


If you'd like to affiliate with us, let us know!